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California Employment Law

Our employment practice is designed to complement our Business Formation, Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret, and Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practices. As technology and social media evolve, so has the need to create policies to limit risks and the loss of IP rights. At its core, Nexio Law Firm’s focus is helping our clients audit, develop, and periodically monitor company’s policies/procedures to avoid stepping in harm’s way.

As explained in Nexio’s article – Protecting My Company - legal compliance is really risk management. As such, we focus on building and augmenting the following workplace agreements in a manner befitting your industry:

  • Employment Agreements – Identifying the specific terms and conditions of an employee’s working relationship
  • Handbook Review – Rectifying any missing provisions of concern
  • Privacy Releases – Providing employers the right to take certain action with private employee information
  • Non-solicitation Agreement – Tailoring non-solicitation clauses that do not run afoul of California’s general prohibition against non-compete agreements
  • Confidentiality and Trade Secret Agreements – Restricting employees use of sensitive information, especially with respect to social media 
  • Work-for-hire and Covenants - Assigning any IP conception of “on the job” to your business 
  • Severance/Separation Agreements – Defining the employer’s and employee’s respective obligations in the event that employment ends

While no contract can guarantee success in the event of a lawsuit, carefully tailoring these agreements can result in a significant reduction in employment-related risks, particularly as they relate to maintaining the integrity of your IP rights and competitive advantage. Many considerations go into selecting the right strategy for your operation. Consulting with an experienced Nexio attorney can help you through the process of navigating the complexities of protecting your business and your IP. 

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