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Chances are you’ve put a lot of time, money, and energy into your business or product. The actual name of your product has grown to represent the success you’ve achieved and, in some cases, has even become synonymous with the product itself.

But what if someone decides to latch on to that name-- to ride the coattails of your success? Or to assume your brand’s identity by using the same or similar moniker for their own product or business? Are you protected? Will all of your sweat equity be compromised because others seek to capitalize on what you’ve achieved?

This is why it’s important to have a registered trademark--to protect your good name. Now or in the future, it’s crucial you position yourself well for a swift, cost-effective win if you find yourself in a trademark infringement dispute,.

A trademark registration can be vital to your company’s profits and longevity. Besides protecting your intellectual property—your product and/or brand name—it’s also part of an overall smart business model. A trademark clarifies for customers who you are. It distinguishes you from your competitors, so you can stand out in the marketplace and stand firm in the courtroom.

Nexio Law Firm has a proven track record of helping clients in a myriad of industries, register trademarks and help safeguard their livelihood. Whether your business is apparel, electronics, housewares, software, philanthropy, medicine, entertainment or even yourself, Nexio attorneys is experienced to handle all your trademark needs.

Additional Trademark Related Services Offered:

  • Company and product-line brand portfolio development. Most companies have more than one trademark. In fact, they often have many marks across numerous product lines, company divisions and business segments. All trademarks can be susceptible to infringement, making protection a wise and necessary step. Nexio Law Firm’s trademark experts can analyze your entire brand portfolio, identify all applicable rights, and help you develop a plan for any future business development or product launches.
  • Coordinating International Trademark Registrations. If your goal is to distribute your products and services in other countries, Nexio can assist you in getting trademarks in Canada, Mexico, the European Union (CTM), South America and Asia. Let us be your go-to experts for trademarks around the globe. 
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  • Trademark Management. Who has time to deal with the hassle of ongoing trademark management? How much time would it take to calendar all the filing requirements? Was it five years or at the 10-year registration anniversary every year thereafter, or both? Why not take advantage of Nexio’s trademark management services. Let us do all the monitoring and enable you to focus on your next produce or invention, save valuable time, and experience greater peace of mind? We’ll make sure you you’re well informed along the way about any and all upcoming filings.
  • Conflict Monitoring. In this current IP climate, it’s often not enough to simply register a trademark for your product or business. Market conditions change, technologies and ideas overlap, and suddenly things become “grey” when competitors encroach on your trademark turf. Let Nexio’s team of attorneys help clearly define the lines and keep your intellectual property protected as the market evolves.

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