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If you are new to trademarks (brands), we’ve prepared an article (Protect My Brand) which provides a general overview to developing and acquiring trademark rights. We recommend that you read that article first. If you have already read that article, or are otherwise familiar with trademarks, please read on:

Trademarks are intended to help customers to understand whom they are buying from. Businesses rely on trademarks to help consumers understand how a brand’s offering differ from competitors. Trademarks are often critical to consumer’s recognition of a company’s market position, product/service offerings, and reputation. Perhaps equally importantly, it allows companies to tie-together varied marketing efforts to a single source, expanding options for client attraction in the pursuit of growing profitability. You know this. We get it.

If you have a branded product or service, odds are you are want help to legally protect your trademark from competitors, free-riders, imposters, and counterfeiters. We routinely help clients with a range of trademark needs from pre-registration counseling to litigation/enforcement, and everything in between.

Trademark Registration, Clearance, Monitoring, and Licensing Assistance

Our services include state and federal trademark registration services and trademark portfolio management. We can also help you with coordination and management of international registrations, whether within the Madrid protocol territories or in non-member countries. Fastidious-minded clients should take comfort because Nexio Law Firm also has resources to assist with strategic planning, including pre-registration clearance services and monitoring. And, of course, we can also assist with trademark licensing (for further information on our general approach, please refer to our article on IP licensing).

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Trademark Litigation

Market participants often act in ways that affect other’s rights. In an era of increased competition, companies sometimes cross boundaries either unwittingly or intentionally. Other times, trademark infringement lawsuits are designed for anti-competitive purposes. The practical effect is always the same: harm to your business.

Irrespective of which side of a dispute you find yourself on, we offer a broad range of trademark litigation services. Our intellectual property attorneys understand the intricacies of trademark law and know how to protect your rights. We handle both plaintiff and defense representation of trademark litigation, UDRP domain name disputes, and TTAB oppositions & cancellations.

We are well-versed at dealing with claims of cybersquatting, trademark infringement, false designation of origin, dilution, and anti-counterfeiting. We understand the intricacies of cases involving registered and unregistered rights in trademarks as well as trade dress. Whether in state court, federal court, or before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), our goal is always the same: to help you achieve the best possible outcome. While the facts and circumstances of each case are different, our constant is that we strive to tailor and execute solutions that meet your needs effectively and efficiently.

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Brand Enforcement

Have things gotten out of hand? What was once an occasional problem has mushroomed into a flood of counterfeits in the marketplace. We know how to deal with counterfeiters. From cost-effective strategies to the most aggressive anti-counterfeiting approaches, we’ve done it, and we can help. In fact, we’ve dealt with hundreds of brand enforcement actions. We can help you with preliminary investigations, evidence management, border and local seizures, criminal enforcement coordination, interlocutory injunctions, and of course, litigation and recovery.

Collaborating and defining the right approach to enforce your rights, protect your business, and manage an intensive process is key. Many considerations go into selecting the right strategy for your case. Please refer to our brand enforcement page or contact us for more details.

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