Technology, Software

Unprecedented growth in the high-tech world has led to a feverish global demand for business and consumer software—genuine or fake—and piracy has become a multibillion-dollar industry. But, the good news is there are ways to keep your intellectual property safe and protected, now, and in the future.

Anti-piracy solutions for high tech innovations

At Nexio Law Firm, we strive to protect what you design, develop, and devise and we help keep your innovations safe from those who want to take a ͞free ride͟ on your hard work and reputation. Our award-winning attorneys have the experience and knowledge to protect your brand and innovation. We can help you anticipate and block harmful action against those that overstep your rights.

Our experienced attorneys have successfully sued hundreds of businesses and individuals who have produced infringing or counterfeiting products...and we’ve collected millions of dollars in settlements and judgments. 

Technology, Software

Successful Industry Outcomes

Below are just some of the successful outcomes our attorneys have helped secure for clients:

  • Synopsys, Inc. v. Silicon Artist, Inc. et al—Defended client against claims of “unauthorized access” of engineering software.
  • Live Face On Web, LLC v. [20+ Defendants]—Pursued over twenty cases against the unauthorized use of marketing software.
  • GE Lighting Solutions, LLC v. Lights of America, Inc. —On corporate counsel team that resulted in the invalidation of two GE patents.
  • The Next Solutions, Inc. v. Prosoftware Technologies LLC et al—Enforced an action against developer who made a “lite” version of our client’s software.
  • Durston Manufacturing Co., Inc. v. Mac Tools et al— Pursued a patent infringement claim related to upholstery tools.
  • Intouch Technologies, Inc. v. Headthere, Inc. et al— Pursued a patent infringement claim related to robotic videoconferencing equipment
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