Businesses need capital to finance their commercial activities. Manufacturers need working capital to finance the cost of designing and developing a new product line. Builders need capital to acquire land and finance construction. Startups need funding for development and to prove concept. And in some instances, businesses face irregular events requiring significant funding. Regardless of the industry, business stage, or underlying challenge, the principle remains the same…businesses need capital to survive and grow

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Nexio Law Firm represents businesses with their capital-raising and recapitalization efforts. We’ve organized, advocated for, and assisted businesses with entity formation, growth financing, and exit strategies. We can help with many types of financial transactions including capital and debt-raising and transactions that range from simple to more complex.

  • Structuring, Due Diligence and Pre-Funding Preparation – Formation, restructuring, private placement offerings, coordinating with investment banks, accountants, valuation firms, and other integral professionals
  • Equity-Based Financing - Startup capital-raising, convertible debentures and note offerings, common/preferred stock offerings, limited liability/company interest offerings
  • Debt Financing – Traditional commercial bank lending
  • Non-Bank Financing - Venture and Angel capital, private equity, bridge financing, working capital lines, ABL lending, asset sales, sale-leaseback transactions, purchase order financing, factoring, and non-traditional production financing
  • Mergers/Acquisitions – Growth, expansion and exit legal strategies 

In order to improve the probability of success and mitigate risk, businesses must not only understand the financing consequences on their growth strategy, but also the nuances of the sourcing finance and pairing this with compliance, statutory, and regulatory considerations. Carefully approaching these transactions can result in a significant reduction in financing-related risks. Many factors must be considered to select the most effective and most profitable strategy for your operation.

The legal aspects associated with these activities demand extensive knowledge and skills. There is no good substitute for an experienced transaction attorney who offers sage advice, powerful negotiation skills, and effective representation and having one your corner can make all the difference in your business’s success and longevity. 

Consulting with an experienced Nexio attorney can help you through the process of navigating the complexities of commercial financing. Our approach is straightforward and outlined below:

  • Goal-setting – Understanding a client’s goals, strategies, and time-lines is where it all begins.
  • Advising Structuring/Restructuring Options – Determining if business structure and potential constraints should be revised to allow the client’s goals to be met
  • Strengthening The Team – Determining the competencies of the existing business and pairing with qualified expert where necessary
  • Document Coordination – Reviewing  and assisting with pre-transaction document preparation,  in compliance with the regulatory and statutory landscape 
  • Due Diligence Assistance – Researching and evaluating multiple options and potential transaction risks
  • Transaction Facilitation – Coordinating with investors, lenders, and other transaction participants throughout the documentation and the closing process
  • Post-Closing Services –Filing all relevant security interests when necessary and required

We’re Here to Help

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