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Your Media & Talent Assets Need Protection

If you’re in the field of entertainment (a/k/a media), it’s more critical than ever you take steps to protect what you create. Demand for film, television, music, and digital content - and the ever-increasing ways to consume them - is dramatically changing the entertainment landscape. While this means great opportunity for numerous platforms and ways to monetize your creations, it also means you need to be exceptionally careful with protecting your assets.

This is a major understatement, but entertainment transactions are very often complicated. The intricacies involved in the interplay between talent, IP, upstream production, and downstream distribution, and underlying negotiation necessary to integrate these parts are vast. The level of business savvy and legal expertise needed can be drastically underestimated. Those who come out ahead have a clear understanding of not only the personal aspect of entertainment, but also the backend B2B dealings including financing, production, publishing, distribution and licensing. And we don’t just mean on a domestic level, considering today’s digital, tech-fueled entertainment businesses must think globally.

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Show Business + Technology = Today’s Entertainment

Our entertainment practice involves all types of media including film, television, news, advertising, music, publishing, advertising and the Internet.

On the talent side, our entertainment attorneys often pick up where an actor’s agent leaves off, by formalizing the negotiation of compensation and profit participation with whomever is buying the actors’ talent.  On the business end, our entertainment lawyers often contend with employment rights, privacy rights, IP rights, contract drafting, corporate law, along with general business & commercial law (including, for example the sale of goods and finance). Defamation and publicity rights issues also come up in entertainment law.

While writers, performers, artists, film and production companies obviously fall into the “entertainment” camp, there are other professionals who are just as important to the industry, but are sometimes under-represented. For example, technology merges with entertainment particularly for technology developers, digital content creators, multimedia developers, showbiz tech wizards, and many more. As online platforms, such as social media, has enabled a large wave of independent photographers, musicians, and content creators to display their works for public consumption.  All too often these smaller entities try to do-it-themselves when presented with economic opportunity.  Other times, these folks might rely on general practice lawyers who may not understand the nuances of the industry. But these professionals could significantly benefit from having knowledgeable, experienced legal counsel in their corner.

Nexio Understands Today’s Entertainment World

Nexio Law Firm attorneys have deep experience when it comes to complex entertainment and media law-related transactions. We’re technology and legal experts who know how to protect your talent and creative products in comprehensive and cost-effective ways. You can depend on our innovative strategies and solid legal advice to help you close deals and get disputes resolved. 

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