Over $50 MILLION Recovered

At Nexio Law Firm, we understand results matter. We hire the best attorneys—attorneys who win and who have demonstrated success by recovering over $50 million for clients. Below are representative cases we have won and we think the numbers speak for themselves.


Trade Secrets Stolen

Prosecuted a trade secret case and won a $7 million jury verdict for a client who was damaged when former employees used the company’s trade secrets to steal customers.


Breach of Distributorship Agreement

Achieved a successful outcome for a commercial dispute between a manufacturer and distributor in the sporting apparel market. Received an arbitration award in our client’s favor of approximately $3.6 million.



Litigated against 250+ defendants in a multi-year anti-counterfeiting campaign that effectively contained the California market. In addition to our recovery, the campaign cleared a path for doubling client sales within two years.


Breach of Commercial Agreement

Litigated and received a $1.2 million-dollar judgment in a contractual dispute related to a real estate deal gone wrong.


Trademark Infringement

A widely-publicized trademark infirngement lawsuit involving celebrities and other entities.


Trademark Infringement

A trademark infringement case against a competitor and several retailers. The case was settled to our client’s satisfaction.

NOTICE: The results above do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.