October 24, 2017

Benefits of Trademarks

A brand is worth a lot to a business. A brand – also called a trademark – tells the world that you are the source of a product or service. It’s what sets companies apart. It’s what helps create a business’ reputation. But did you know that a trademark isn’t just a company name or a logo? A trademark can also be a shape, color, sound, scent, taste, or it can just be the look and feel of a company’s image. There are many benefits to registering a trademark. Perhaps the largest benefit is that a registration effectively creates a presumption of a nationwide monopoly on the use of that brand on certain goods or services. Without it, others could use the exact same name in another city or state, and there is little one could do to prevent it. But registering a trademark isn’t as simple as filing out a form. The rules are complex. Professional help is necessary to make sure rights are fully protected. Our attorneys have spent about a decade advising, filing, and litigating over trademarks. We know how to help.