October 24, 2017

Introduction to Copyrights

Artists and writers often ask “Do I have to register my work for my copyright to be valid?” The short answer is “No, it’s not necessary.” A copyright is “automatically” created once a certain level of creativity is achieved and is fixed long enough to be perceived, copied, or communicated. But who knows it’s your work or when you created it? That’s part of the benefit of registering, as It provides a public notice. Registering a copyright is also a necessary step to sue someone who has copied a work. The law tends to look more favorably on copyright owners who had the foresight to register their work before it was copied. It also makes licensing and selling a work easier. As the adage goes “The more valuable something is to you, the more you should protect it.” But registering a copyright is deceptively simple, considering the rules can be extremely complex. It is recommended one seek professional help to ensure rights are fully protected. Our attorneys have spent about a decade advising, filing, and litigating over copyrights.  We know how to help.