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Federal Trademark Application Package Details

When you file your trademark application with Nexio Law, you can take advantage of the following benefits!

1) Personally Reviewed and Filed by an Attorney: No automated application submission! Your Trademark application will be handled by an expert who will personally review each aspect for you to give you the best chance at success on the first try. 

2) Questions answered before AND after filing: Our qualified Attorneys will help you out and answer your questions each step of the way.

3) Official USPTO Registration Certificate: You will recieve your own copy of the Official Registration Certificate from the U.S. Trademark Office.

4) Non-Substantive (Procedural) Office Action Responses: Roughly 70% of all trademark applications are held-up due to Office Actions issued by the USPTO. For office actions regarding things such as clarifications, translations, or other procedural issues, we will handle those for you as part of our Trademark Registration service.

5) Comprehensive Conflict Search (Complete Package ONLY): We will run a comprehensive search through national federal and common law databases to determine whether or not there are other existing Trademarks that are similar enough to potentially block your application – this is where most Trademark Applications get stopped in their tracks. Be prepared, and increase your chances of getting registered on the first go!

6) Legal Opinion Regarding the Success of the Desired Trademark (Complete Package ONLY): Along with the comprehensive conflict check, our experienced attorneys will give you a detailed opinion of whether the desired trademark will be successful, or develop a plan with you to make any changes that could improve your chances.

7) Substantive Office Action Response (Complete Package ONLY): A response to an office action issued by the USPTO regarding things like a likelihood of confusion rejection, or other substantive matters, are included as part of the Complete Package Trademark Registration Service.

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What Every Brand Owner Needs To Know About Filing a Trademark Application

Brand owners spend a lot of money every year filing trademark applications with absolutely zero knowledge about the process...

They make mistakes like:

  • Not performing a proper trademark search before naming their business
  • Choosing the wrong trademark class
  • Choosing a weak trademark
  • Not monitoring the application status
  • Assuming their trademark protects all goods and services they provide
  • Not enforcing trademark protection

As a result they can be sued for being perceived as copycats…

…or worse, forced to shut their doors just for making one or more of these preventable mistakes.

Mistakes like this could land you in hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars debt.

Do you see how that cripples your entire effort?

This information is being revealed to you today to ensure you or any other brands DON’T FALL VICTIM ever again!

There is a better way to file. And with that we present to you...

A Smarter Way To File

(Fast, Easy, And Supportive)

Talking about a smarter way to file, let me introduce you to our trusted Trademark Application Service.

Our trademark application service is all about PROTECTING THE BRAND that you have built with your sweat and blood from being stolen or taken advantage of by others.

As knowledgeable trademark attorneys passionate about helping small to medium sized businesses and brand owners thrive, we possess the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience to assist you with your trademark registration troubles.

From search, to filling the trademark application form, creating an acceptable description, responding to queries, handling objections, to getting approval and enforcing your rights, Nexio Law guarantees a smooth process without hassle.

Here are some of the delicious benefits of filing with Nexio Law:

  • OFFICE ACTION RESPONSES (see package options)

And much more…

Trademark registration is pretty straightforward but many business owners still fail at it because they don't understand how it works.

Don’t wing it, get the help you need by employing the quality service of a reputable trademark registration firm focused on your success and ready to give you all the personal attention til the end.

There are over 3 million registered trademarks in the USA alone, so don’t assume that your brand name is safe until it actually is!

You’re one step closer to reaping the benefits of a registered trademark and getting ahead of the competition in a crowded market.


Four Reasons Why Not Having a Registered Trademark Can Cost You Big Money

In today's fast-paced environment, you have to be very careful about how your brand is presented to consumers. If you don't have a registered trademark, you could be losing money, leaving money on the table, or leaving yourself vulnerable to lawsuits!

Here are just a few impactful things you may not know about what can happen if you DON'T register your brand: 

Others can steal your brand or limit your growth (Reason 1): Take for example, the ballad of Burger King: how the king lost his crown. The original Burger King began in Illinois. Shortly after, a different Burger King opened in Florida and registered its trademark with the United States Trademark Office. The Florida company grew and grew, until they ended up in Illinois.  The original sued. The court ruled that the original could only control a 20-mile radius around the first location. More importantly, the Florida group was free to expand their Burger King all over the USA. 

It Scares Potential Investors away (Reason 2): Buyers want to know they are making a sound investment! If you are looking to raise capital, and maybe even sell later, showing investors you are on top of your business is important. Without a registered trademark, an investor could be turned off by fear of costs of re-branding, loss of reputation, loss of a stable customer base, or even litigation – making it easier for them to tell you “no.” 

You are More Likely to Be Sued (Reason 3): In order to infringe on a trademark, the name need only be “confusingly similar,” not the exact same. Without properly researching your brand - whether a name or a logo - a registered trademark owner could sue you for infringement! They can force you to take everything down, change your brand name, and pay them any profits you have made.

You'll spend a fortune trying to shut down copycats (Reason 4): Possession is nine-tenths of the law!  With a registered trademark, everyone must assume you are in possession of the best rights! That means that a judge must start by assuming that you win... How great would it be if everything in life was that way?




FIRST ATTEMPT:  Online Provider (failed)
SOLUTION: Optimized goods/services matrix to avoid conflicts

“We tried for eighteen months to get a registration using one of those online trademark registration services. Those companies failed.  And there was no helpful support.  We turned to the Nexio team, and they designed a winning strategy that got us what we needed within six months.”

- Don H.