Fashion, Cosmetics, Jewelry

Nexio Law Firm not only protects what you design and develop, we help keep your brand safe from those who want to take a “free ride” on your hard-won reputation.

Our award-winning attorneys have the experience and knowledge to protect your brand and ward off the imposters. We can help you block harmful action against your brand.

We have successfully sued hundreds of individuals and businesses that have made infringing or counterfeiting products, collecting millions of dollars in settlements and judgments.

Fashion, Cosmetics, Jewelry

Successful Industry Outcomes

Below are just some of the successful outcomes our attorneys have helped secure for clients:

  • No Bad Days Enterprises Inc. v. Lakeshirts Inc. et al—Enforcement action against infringers of “No Bad Days” apparel line.
  • Stop Staring! Designs v. Tatyana, LLC et al—A widely publicized lawsuit involving women’s vintage-styled apparel.
  • L.A. Triumph, Inc. v. Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone et al—A widely publicized lawsuit involving the “Material Girl” mark against Madonna and other related entities. The case settled to our client’s satisfaction.
  • Adidas America, Inc. et al v. Conrad Asher Licensing Group, Inc.—Defended a distributor against claims of infringement of sporting gear.
  • Youngblood Timepieces Inc. v. Fossil Inc. et al—A trademark infringement case against Fossil and a number of retailers, case settled to our client’s satisfaction.